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Jesse and Jeana one of the most wildest, crazy, funniest couples on YouTube today, about 3 million subscribers they are pretty much the stars on YouTube. The couple started in 2007, which is when they started doing pranks on each other. The pranks they did ended up becoming a big hit on their channel, allows them to get from hundreds to thousands of subscribes in the making. This YouTube Couple ended up naming all their subscribers, announcing the name PVPS which stands for PrankvsPrank. From then on forward their fan base kept rising fairly quickly from all around the world, from North America, South America to the Middle East, and so on. This couple ended up being very famous in such a fair bit of time.

After 7 years they ended up being to where they are today, going to reach their next million subscribers. This will for sure not be an ending trip for Jesse and Jeana, and their two beloved cats, Bambu and Nylah. Jesse beforehand met Jeana at a bar/restaurant which that's when it all began to start, it seemed like they were perfect for each other. They went on a few dates and later on they ended up moving in together. Jeana use to work in a hospital, while Jesse use to be in the military, which it seems that fait brought both of them together. Later on they did get a kitten named Nylah, which she actually began to have her own channel called "NylahKitty". Once they seemed to get more in tuned with pranks on each other so much they came out with the channel called "PrankvsPrank". BFvsGF became after their daily vlogs, PrankvsPrank became their prank channel, afterwards it seemed they wanted a channel for their cat Nylah, which like I said before came out "NylahKitty". Then of course Jesse decided to come out with another channel called "DownRangeGaming", now onto that topic, Jesse came out with this channel due to the fact to have some one on one time with the pvps, telling them stories about his past in the military and also about previous girlfriends while he played some game favourites. Now not too long ago near the beginning of 2014, he started making videos with other Youtubers on his channel, which then started to become more of a gaming channel rather than a story/gaming channel.

Bambu came into the picture not too long ago actually, he came at the beginning of the year of 2013, which then started a whole big ruckust in the pvp community. This ended up getting all the pvps excited about the new arrival of a new kitten in the PVP Family. The kitten was very small when he arrived, he is a Golden F5 Savannah cat bred by Wild Tafari, not only was the pvps excited but as well Jesse and Jeana. When they finally got Bambu they isolated him in the bathroom just for the sake of Nylah, due to getting a new kitten in the home. Nylah wasn't so thrilled at first but after a few months, Nylah and Bambu became great friends, played together cuddled together and so forth. These two had their ups and downs but afterwards Jesse and Jeana announced the NylahKitty Channel became Bambu's channel as well, which now you can see recording of them on YouTube today.

Jesse later on in the same year announced a new Prank which involved him making a new song called "Cookie Dance", which became a big hit in the Dope Fresh Nation Community. His new name as a Fake Song Writer was Chip Chocolate. Pvps loved him and in New York City he had his first appearance in public and as the prank, all the pvps wanted to get his autograph, trying to take pictures of him and other people around New York were so intrigued also began to try and take pictures of the New Famous Rapper Chip Chocolate. Later on that year he had his new release music video for the song "Cookie Dance". So many pvps cheered and loved the music video and were very impressed with the outcome of the song and music video. The song ended up being in the top 20 in the hip-hop category on iTunes, the Cookie Dance ended up being in the number 1 spot in other countries around the world, take the music community by surprise. From Jesse's point it took him by surprise on the position he was in on iTunes, beating Drake and various other popular artists on ITunes.

"Peace on the Streets.... SAAAN!" -Jesse & Jeana